Places to Visit in Greece in Winter

Destination travel to regions that are traditionally attractive to tourists can be a hassle during the regular season. Crowds mean longer waiting lines to see special features, undertake unique pursuits, and even tour archaeological sites of cultural importance. That’s why journeying to Greece in the winter can be rewarding and far less stressful.

However, visiting a country in a different season offers you the opportunity to see it as few outsiders do. The experience becomes more intimate and memorable. Here are some of the top places to visit in Greece in the winter:


As the second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki offers a great deal of comfort and entertainment to travelers from around the world. It also boasts some impressive views of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, which rises across the Thermaikos Gulf. On a clear day, you can stroll in Aristotelous Square and marvel at its snow-covered slopes.

The city is also considered to be the food and culture capital of Greece, offering some delicious and unusual fare to visitors that they’ll find nowhere else. Once dinner is finished, visitors can enjoy the many archaeological and history museums that grace this unusual and lovely city.


While this home of mythical centaurs attracts nature lovers in flocks during the summer, winter visitors will find treats unique to the season. Hiking and snowshoeing are easily done along the many curated nature paths that surround this mountain town. However, for the winter sports enthusiast, the ski slopes are the real attraction. Staying in an authentically Greek bed and breakfast, sets the mood perfectly to visit the picturesque villages and enjoy Greek meals in local restaurants.


Whether you stay in Rethymnon and climb up to the castle of Fortezza with its breathtaking views of the old port town, or journey out to the Rouvas forest on its remote plateau to enjoy the pristine vistas and untouched habitats of many endemic species of plant and animal, Crete in wintertime has much to offer.

Spend the day at Anoga, and enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking and skiing before retiring to rustic comfort in a traditional inn. But before you leave, you must witness Heraklion. In this city, you’ll find periods of its history preserved as architecture, and the museum scene is unparalleled. It also boasts a vibrant restaurant scene that offers the palate a dazzling array of delights.


This is the second largest island in Greece and home to the thermal springs of ancient fame at Edipsos. The village of Kimi, which is also located in the north part of the island, offers guests a host of bracing outdoor adventures, with beauty spots and breathtaking natural wonders aplenty. Traveling south, you can stop to visit the old bridge at Chalkida and observe a rare tidal phenomenon—no spoilers!


This is a destination that must remain forever mysterious to the visitors of summer. It’s famous for its unbeatable ski slopes and resort life. While it’s packed with fun, with narrow cobbled streets and village attractions, it’s also located at the foot of Mount Parnassos. Take a journey to the mountain fastness of Delphi and delve into the archaeological richness of the area. The surrounding countryside is a sight not to be missed, winter or summer.

You could spend years enjoying the many places and pursuits Greece has to offer. Most people visit only in summer, but it is also a great country to visit in the winter. You can’t go wrong with any of these activities!