How to Make Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is a special type of coffee drink that is enjoyed by Greeks throughout the world. It is made with a special type of coffee that is finely ground and it is also made in a special pot. Each day in Greece, you will see people gathering in the tavernas, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy a cup of this coffee while hanging out with friends and family. Here’s more information about how to make this coffee, as well as some information about coffee culture in Greece:

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Brief History of Greek Beer

When people consider drinking in Greece, they don’t usually think of beer. However, there is definitely a culture of drinking this beverage in Greece and there are also many breweries located throughout the country. Beer is a popular beverage choice for people in tavernas, restaurants, and bars.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Although there is evidence of beer being brewed in Ancient Greece, it wasn’t until modern Greece that it gained momentum. Here’s a look at the brief history of beer in the country:

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Get to Know the Greek Spoon Sweet Tradition

Traditions can often highlight elements of a culture that go overlooked. Greek spoon sweets are a perfect example of how a shared culture can still contain variety due to regional variations. Used as a way of greeting guests, these were served from a shared bowl to demonstrate the safety of the food and the hospitality of the host.

This helped them become a favorite of the Turkish Pashas while they occupied Greece and shows how it would have been useful in establishing political relationships in the Middle Ages. Here’s more information about it:

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Do Greeks Cook with Wine?

Wine plays an important part in the Greek culture. Even during ancient times, wine was an important staple. The Ancient Greeks would trade wine as a commercial product across regions. It is still an important addition to the dinner table and it even makes its way into certain dishes in Greek cuisine. Here’s what you should know about Greeks cooking with wine:

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An Overview of Greek Liqueurs

There is a great selection of delicious and aromatic Greek liqueurs available. They come from different regions and are made from various ingredients. In 1995, the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (or S.E.A.O.P.) was founded. Here’s what you should know about Greek Liqueurs.

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History of Olives in Greece

Olives have an important place in Greek cuisine and in Greek culture. They are commonly found on the table at mealtime whether eaten by themselves or incorporated into various dishes. Both ‘olive’ and ‘oil’ are words formed from the same Greek root. Olives and olive oil have historically been basic staples of Greek and other Mediterranean cultures. Here’s more information about the history of this important food:

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How to Pair Greek Wine with Food

Greek wine and food go hand in hand. In fact, Greeks rarely drink wine without having some food to accompany it. Since ancient times, Greece has been producing wine. Greece has the longest uninterrupted period of wine cultivation and production in the world.

A wine list can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to do all the hard work for you.

Here’s what you should know about pairing Greek wine with food:

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Get to Know the Cuisine of Ikaria

The Ikarian diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet in that it emphasizes plant-based ingredients. The traditional Ikarian diet uses meat sparingly. The cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, variation, and moderation. Using what’s in season helps to create variety in the Ikarian diet. The island itself has been named a “blue” zone because many of the world’s oldest people live there. Here’s what you should know about the cuisine of Ikaria:

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How to Make an Authentic Gyro

Gyro are a staple in Greek cuisine where they are believed to have originated. Gyro have gained popularity around the world, but how they are made and ingredients used can vary greatly. Here’s what you need to know about what goes into authentic Greek gyro and how to assemble them. 

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Importance of Oregano in Greek Cuisine

Most traditional Greek cooks will tell you that the herb they use the most in their dishes is oregano, called “rigani” in the Greek language. Greek cooking would not be the same if it weren’t for the unique, slightly pungent aroma of oregano.

In fact, although many herbs and spices make their way into the food of Greece, oregano is by far the most popular. It is used either dried or fresh, and it is pretty common for Greeks to grow their own oregano at home. Here’s more information about it:

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