When Is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Greece is a beautiful country to visit, and frankly, it is a great destination all year long. In general, it has a moderate climate and a longer summer season than many other European countries because of its proximity to the sea. However, there are pros and cons to visiting certain times of year. So, what is the best time of year to visit? There isn’t an easy way to answer this, but we can help you make the choice for you.

When to Visit if You Want the Best Weather

A trip to Greece is always a good idea, regardless of the season. However, if the warm temperature is what you are looking for, the best time of year to visit Greece is in the late spring or early fall. Spring in Greece is between April and June, while late fall is between September and October.

Athens, the nation’s capital, experiences a wide variety of temperatures in May, with a high of 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 61.5 degrees. In June, the average high temperature is 82.6 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for a swim.

During September, Athens experiences an average high temperature of 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit and a low temperature of 69.6 degrees. In October, the average high temperature is just 71.4 degrees, with an average low temperature of 62.1 degrees.

Should You Visit During Peak Season?

Because of this, most popular seasons to visit Greece are, not surprisingly, late spring, summer, and early fall. This is when Greece’s weather is great, and all venues invite guests to stay, dine, and drink. This is also when Greece’s thriving “beach season” is in full swing.

As a downside, the prices of visiting during peak time can also be higher, so if you want to save money then you might want to avoid the peak season. Not only that, but the crowds can be intense, so if you want to avoid crowds, this isn’t the best time of year to go.

Consider a trip to Greece in the winter if you’re not interested in sunbathing. There are fewer people around because it’s cooler (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit). However, many venues and hotels close in the winter, so check ahead of time to see the available hotels and book in advance.

When to Visit Greece for Outdoor Sports

Active vacationers will appreciate the spring months of April and May when the sun is warming the islands. However, temperatures are still manageable for lazing on one of the many beaches in the country. The wildflowers are also in full bloom at this time of year, which is a bonus. It is a fantastic time to go hiking, cycling, or sightseeing. October is also great for hiking, other outdoor sports, and sightseeing as the temperature drops to around 75°F on average.

Before you leave for Greece, though, you’ll want to check the temperature and climate of the specific area you plan to visit. The country has a handful of microclimates, and some places are warmer or cooler than others. You want to make sure that you have the full picture before you leave for your trip.

There is no bad season or month to visit Greece. If you want to visit the country when there are few people, consider visiting during the winter. If you want to hike there, visit around October, and if you want to be there when most people are there, visit during the summer or late spring. Regardless of the time you visit, you will have fun in Greece.