What Is the Most Common Greek Wine?

Greek wines have made their way from being just a small-scale agricultural product and transformed into a world-famous export. Associated with ancient Greece, Greek wines are
considered by many to be the ‘wines of antiquity. They are known for their fragrant bouquet and smooth taste. The quality of Greek wines depends on the vineyards and the wine-making processes.

So, wines grown in specific regions are usually characterized by pleasant taste, excellent quality, and price. Here are some of the most popular Greek wines that you may want to consider tasting:


Limniona is made from local varieties of grapes such as Assyrtiko and Savatiano. It is produced
in the northern part of Greece, which is famous for its excellent vineyards, especially in the Lake
Plastiras and Liminara regions. The grapes used to produce Limniona have high sugar content.
This wine has a ruby-red color due to the presence of anthocyanins. The fruity bouquet is laced
with floral notes and has a rich taste of blackberry that lingers on the palate.


Santorini Assyrtiko is a powerful white wine produced from Assyrtiko grapes grown on the
volcanic soils of Santorini. This wine has a refreshing taste with hints of citrus and peach and a
slightly bitter aftertaste. Santorini Assyrtiko can be served chilled and goes well with seafood,
vegetarian dishes, and grilled fish.


Naoussa Xinomavro is a Greek red wine that is produced in Western Macedonia. This wine is
made from Xinomavro grapes which are native to the area. The grape that gives this wine its
characteristic taste is Virginia, which has a powerful aroma and an intense flavor. Naoussa
Xinomavro has a garnet-colored color with bold flavors of wild berries and plum, which lingers
on the palate.


This popular white wine from Nemea is considered one of the most elegant. It has a simple but
complex bouquet and a relaxing taste. The grape variety that it is produced from is Silvana,
which the Nemea region is renowned for. Nemea agiorgitiko is a perfect wine to surprise your
friends and family since it has an excellent price-quality ratio.


This red wine produced in the Peloponnesus has an intense and full flavor. This wine is made
from Moschofilero grapes farmed on rocky slopes and has a crisp, dry taste. Moschofilero
grapes have a bluish-green color and have the potential to become contaminated by fungal
diseases. However, this particular grape variety is rarely affected by this disease which explains
why it remains fresh and high quality.


Kotsifali is a famous white wine from the Attica region. Like any other Greek wine, it has an
affordable price and excellent quality. Kotsifali is made from local varieties of grapes such as
Assyrtiko and Athiri. The grape that gives this wine its character is Limnio, which produces
aromatic grapes with a bold taste and supple tannins. The color of this wine ranges from silver
to yellow, depending on the amount of contact it has with the grape’s skin.

Greek wines are being refreshed with modern techniques and produced in huge quantities. The
best Greek wines come from the Peloponnesus, Thessaly, and Macedonia. Several Greek wine
types are available and are produced in small amounts by individual vineyards. They are still an
affordable luxury to enjoy while being visited Greece.