Why Kea is an Ideal Greek Island to Visit

The next time you plan for a breath-taking place to explore and create memories, consider visiting the hidden gem of Kea. Located in the Aegean Sea, the island of Kea is a short Ferry ride from Piraeus (Athens) and several other Greek islands. While on the island you can enjoy nature, the beaches, and take in the history and culture. It makes for a great getaway! Here’s a look at some of the things you can do while visiting the island:

Lounge on the Beaches

Kea has fascinating beaches that offer an array of experiences to its explorers. Accessible by both road and sea, the beaches can vary from easily found shorelines with crystal-clear waters and wild beauty to more hidden and isolated ones that require those who want to visit to explore more in order to properly access them. The coastline of Kea consists mostly of small coves that protect against strong winds, which results in calm waters for swimming and water sports.

Go Scuba Diving

For the enthusiasts of diving tourism, Kea is an exceptional destination. The calm waters and rich underwater wealth of the Aegean Seabed provide a unique experience for divers. The island is also the location of four shipwrecks, including the Titanic’s twin sister, the floating hospital Britannic that marks the ancient history of Kea’s sea. Scuba diving allows you to behold such magnificent history as you equally enjoy the rich biodiversity of the seabed.

Spend Time Hiking

The most interesting way to discover the beautiful sceneries of Kea is by walking. Nicknamed a paradise for the walkers, Kea has a well-preserved ancient network of footpaths, many of which are stone-paved. The pathways are well labeled with wooden signs that provide information about every route. Hiking through forests, hills, archaeological sites, and adjacent beaches give a thrilling experience.

Enjoy the Physical Beauty

Kea is a hilly but not mountainous island. The hills and fertile valleys, slopes with olive oil trees, almond trees, and oaks, mark the island’s landscape. Beautiful green creeks, scattering cottages, chapels, small bays, and water springs give an aesthetic wonder of the ancient island.

Take in the Culture

The blending of modernism with ancient Greek culture makes the Kea island a perfect get-away from city life. It is a perfect spot that offers peace and tranquility thanks to the warm culture of the locals. Tourists are provided an opportunity to participate in nature-loving activities and traditions. The only place you get an opportunity to combine vacation with agriculture, making the visitor’s experience more exciting.

Learn About the History

Kea has a very rich history reflected in the entire island-ranging from monuments, archaeological sites, architectural sights, and museums. The ruins of ancient buildings are scattered across the island, hidden perfectly beneath the undergrowth. The caves dispersed around the island are of particular geological interest to nature lovers. This history gives you an opportunity to appreciate and understand the magnificent beauty you encounter.

Kea is a fascinating and unique island with a lot to offer. A perfect spot worth that vacation or marriage ceremony. Combining a one-of-a-kind natural landscape, beautiful beaches, thrilling sights, and a rich historic tradition. Fertile land is rich in olive trees, fruit trees, almond trees, and oak trees, which makes it a physically beautiful place. Taking a trip here is definitely worth your time!