Best Easter Celebrations in Greece

Easter is the biggest holiday in Greece, and there are many celebrations throughout the country. With plenty of dancing, music and traditions to experience, it is an ideal time to visit. Greeks all over the world celebrate the Easter holiday, but celebrating Greek Easter in Greece itself offers the unique benefit of great weather and having plenty of other things to see and do! Here’s a look at some of the best places to go in Greece to celebrate Easter:


Corfu has one of the most famous Easter celebrations in Greece! The Philharmonic Society of Corfu joins in a lively procession featuring St Spyridon, the island’s patron, every Good Friday. Holy Saturday means it is time for the throwing of clay pots onto the street. There is plenty to see in Corfu all weekend, for sure!


Patmos is the best bet for those who are seeking to have a religious experience. On the night of Resurrection, the Holy Light comes from Jerusalem to the island of Patmos, which makes it a must-visit time, especially for Greek Orthodox Christians. Established in 1088 by a Byzantine monk, the monastic community is rich with history and tradition. It is no surprise, then, that the Monastery of St John the Theologian is one of the most sacred places in all of Greece. It rises high above the island, influencing the life of its inhabitants daily.


Hydra is an interesting island to visit, particularly at Easter. Unique traditions are the name of the game in Hydra, a standout area on the Saronic Coast. A flower-topped epitaph with a large image of Christ is dropped into the sea in Kaminia, about 10 minutes away, to bless both the water and those who travel by it. After the procession on Good Friday, seafood is consumed by families and visitors alike.


Ermoupoli is also a great place to visit during Easter. Travel to Ermoupoli, the main town of Syros. Elegant, stately homes are illuminated on Good Friday, making the procession solemn and historic with its 19th century vibes. There is enough to do in Ermoupoli that your visit could extend for days and you wouldn’t run out of activities. Look at the Orthodox and Catholic Churches situated over the town, visit the neoclassical buildings, go to the theatre, or take in a show at the cinema and club. You may become charmed by this quaint town and all that it offers.


If you want to be surrounded by breathtaking scenery this Easter, put a stop in Meteora on your list. Monasteries are on top of large boulders, perfect for reflecting with Christ. With all of the opportunities to experience nature, though, do not forget to attend mass, always held at 7 p.m. in the monasteries that are still holding services. To celebrate properly, stop by Varlaam monastery on Maundy Thursday. There is a ceremony depicting the Last Supper. For more lighthearted fun on Easter Sunday, the nearby town of Kalabaka offers up plenty of activities, complete with roast lamb to eat.

Greece is a great country to visit during Easter. Consider choosing one of these top places to base your trip!