Tips for Shopping in Greece

While visiting Greece, chances are pretty good you will want to do some shopping. Taking the time to find some great items to take home with you is one of the pleasures of visiting a country like Greece. However, despite the fact that shopping can be a great vacation pursuit, it can cause some frustration. Language barriers, etiquette, and navigating the use of a different currency are all things that can turn something that should be fun into a frustration.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your shopping experiences while in Greece:

Get to Know the Currency

The currency in Greece is the Euro, and it helps to understand what that means for you before you start shopping there. Before you head to the stores, it could help to look at the exchange rate from your currency to the Euro. That way, when you see prices in stores, you will know how that translates to your own finances.

You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of Euros on hand before you start shopping in case the stores don’t accept credit card. Be sure to check with your banks and credit card companies before you head to the country so that you can understand what their exchange rates are and whether or not there are fees for when you shop in Greece.

Know How to Negotiate

When shopping in Greece, it is important to understand that negotiating the price and “cutting a deal” is part of the culture in certain situations. This is especially true when visiting open air markets and small, local stores. In fact, locals often haggle to find the best deal, so don’t be afraid to jump in and try doing it yourself! The goal is to remain polite and respectful and if it isn’t possible for them to give you the price you are asking for, take the cue and don’t push. Your goal is to be seen as savvy and polite and not a rude and abrasive outsider.

Buy Something Unique

There are many wonderful souvenirs that you can take home from your trip to Greece. Your goal should be to shop for something unique and memorable that will always remind you of your vacation. Here are some ideas:

  • Wine. Greece is known for its wine, and bringing some home with you can be an easy way to remind you of your trip! You can buy wine in local shops, at the airport, or while wine tasting.
  •  Food Products. This country is also known for its delicious food and there might be some food products that you’ll want to take home, such as olives, olive oil, unique spices, and more.
  • Liquor. Spirits from Greece are also unique and you should be able to take some of these home with you, as well. Look for Ouzo, Greek Brandy, Raki or Tsikoudia, or just about anything else that is unique.
  • Art and Handcrafts. Locals in Greece are extremely talented and it could be fun to come home with something that showcases these artistic talents such as paintings, handmade clothes, jewelry, and other unique pieces of art.

No matter what you decide to buy, you’ll want to make sure you are allowed to bring it back to your country!

Shopping can be a great activity to do while in Greece. These tips will help you get the most of it.