Gifts for Mom: Shop for Authentic Greek Products!

Shop for authentic Greek products online, just in time for Mother’s Day!

100% of the Proceeds will benefit the National Hellenic Society. is an online platform for the U.S. market that features a curated selection of exclusive, hand-made, fashion pieces, jewelry, and accessories made locally in Greece by rising Greek designers and artisans. These inspiring creators preserve their renowned Hellenic culture by reviving traditional techniques – like weaving and embroidery — in a contemporary and sophisticated style that appeals to American consumers.

The site has plenty of gifts your mother, or anyone in your family, will love!

In our Featured Collection, Greek designer Marie Gyparaki of Amaris Mykonian Art Stories seduces us with her vibrant color combinations and kaleidoscopic patterns! Her feather-light cardigans are trimmed with a printed satin border that drapes elegantly… And her wraps  are soft, versatile, and perfect tossed over a tank or a T-shirt — or they can be cinched at the waist for dramatic effect. Either way, they pack a graphic punch! (Check out the wrap and cardigan in the Art Deco style pictured above.)

And then there’s the web of seduction woven by Anastasia Xenaki and Petros Christoforatos, a.k.a The Loomigans behind LOOM%. Their workshop uses traditional, wooden looms, operated manually, to create elegant, hand loomed purses, exquisite shawls and gorgeous pillows.

Each style is available in limited quantities. But as a subscriber, you get an extra 20% off sale items with the discount code SPRINGSALE20. Gift Certificates are also available — along with free shipping!

The mission of co-founders Vicki Vasilopoulos and Athina Vosinaki is to celebrate Hellenic creativity and to give economic opportunities to new Greek designers, which is especially important in light of Greece’s economic setbacks. For a bit of context, Greece experienced an economic collapse that lasted longer than the Great Depression in America. The economy had just started to rebound in 2017, but the Greek tourist industry (which represents about 21 % of Greece’s GDP) is now facing an unprecedented crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and is set to lose at least fifty percent of its revenue in 2020.

By supporting small, independent designers, The Elysians aims to have a positive grassroots impact on the local Greek economy.

Click here to shop now for Authentic Greek Products! 100% of the Proceeds Will Benefit NHS.