Off the Beaten Track Areas to See in Mainland Greece

There are so many places to see in Greece that it can be hard to choose. Sure, there are the typical places to visit, such as Athens, but there are also some wonderful hidden gems that are tucked out of the way but are still easily accessible. Exploring these sites can help any traveler develop a deeper appreciation of Greek culture and history. Here’s more information:


This World Heritage Site is situated on Greece’s northern mainland and consists of a series of massive rocks that have stood for centuries. Surrounding these rocks are mountains, lush green vegetation and some other spectacular scenes of nature. Monasteries that date back to the Byzantine Empire are also located on the rocks. A visit to this location provides opportunities to take stunning pictures and go hiking across the rugged terrain.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Travelers won’t have to venture outside of Athens to find this intriguing oasis. Underground currents from Mount Hymettus keep the lake filled with water. Many people venture here to enjoy swimming and other aquatic activities. The lake’s total depth is approximately 40 feet. This location is also the perfect place to escape to cool off during the hot Greek summers. Rocky cliffs next to the lake create an awe-inspiring backdrop. A lakeside café serves food and beverages to visitors.

Cape Sounion

Located on the southern tip of Attica, this cape is famous for its Temple of Poseidon, which was completed around 440 BC to honor the Greek god of the sea. Near the temple is the Temple of Athena – the goddess of wisdom. There is even an old fortress on the cape that was built to defend the area from the Spartans during the Peloponnesian War. Cape Sounion is also one of the best locations on mainland Greece to see a beautiful sunset.


Evrytania is an entire regional unit that is located in the center of Greece toward the southern part of the mainland. The region was the site of many territorial disputes during the Roman and Ottoman empires and the Fourth Crusade. This is one of the rare parts of Greece that sometimes receives snow in the winter. The mountains of Agrafa within the Pindus range look especially stunning when they are covered in snow. Other visually striking natural features of the region include the Agrafiotis River and Lake Kremasta. Karpenisi is a major town within Evrytania that features buildings with classic Greek architecture.


Curious explorers can find this archeological landmark located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. In ancient times, people would travel to this site to try to receive prophecies from the Greek mythological figure known as the Oracle of Delphi. A circular ancient temple known as the Delphic Tholos can be found here as well. Delphi also has the distinction of being the earth’s central point. The location was left abandoned for centuries before being discovered again in the 15th century.

Anyone who comes to visit Greece should take time to explore the best hidden places on the country’s mainland. These places make any traveler’s journey to Greece an even more special and memorable experience.