Greek Tradition of Drinking Herbal Teas

Herbs are popular in Greece, and they aren’t just used for cooking. There are plenty that grow wild, and people are also known to grow herbs in their home gardens, and in pots on their patios. Greeks consume a lot of herbal teas, and they do so for pleasure as well as to treat their everyday ailments.

Tea is one of those drinks that can be consumed every day. It is a popular choice in the morning instead of coffee, but it is also great after meals. For a traditional experience, consider eating a delicious Greek sweet, such as a koulourakia, with your tea.

Are you interesting in drinking Greek herbal tea? Here’s a look at some of the most common teas that are enjoyed in Greece:

Mountain Tea

Mountain tea, which is also known as ironwort or sideritis in the Greek language, is one of the more popular herbs that can be drunk as a tea in Greece. It has a pleasant, almost sage-like flavor and is drunk either hot or cold. The herb grows plentifully in the mountainous climates in Greece and it is also readily available in the stores. Greeks drink it for pleasure, but it is also a fairly common remedy for colds and respiratory complaints.

Chamomile Tea

Viewed as a cure-all of sorts by the Greeks, most households have some chamomile, or camomilia as it is known in Greek, on hand. It has a pleasant, lightly floral flavor and is often sweetened with honey and paired with a squeeze of lemon. This is the herb that people drink when they need to relax, or maybe if they have an upset stomach. Besides that, it simply tastes delicious!

Sage Tea

Sage is one of those herbs that people don’t always reach for when thinking of drinking a cup of tea. However, in Greece this is a fairly common practice. It is also a nice seasoning for some of the common dishes that are prepared in Greece. For example, it is a natural complement to poultry or lamb. As a tea, it has a pleasantly evergreen flavor. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, it is especially soothing on sore throats, especially when paired with Greek honey.

Lemon Verbena

One of the most pleasant teas to drink in Greece is Lemon Verbana, which is slightly floral and lemony at the same time. This is one of those herbs that has a calming and soothing effect, and it just simply tastes delicious. It is pleasant by itself, but it also tastes great when mixed with a little honey. This herb is particularly soothing and is a great tea to drink after meals, especially heavy ones as it helps with digestion.

Herbal tea is common in Greece, and these are some of the most popular choices of herbs that you can drink. They not only taste great, but are also used in traditional folk medicine.


Greek Herbal Teas to Try