Best Greek Destinations for Fall

Many people believe that the only time it is recommended to travel to Greece is the summer time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  The fall months are a perfect time to visit Greece, especially since beach weather continues in some areas of the country all the way through to the end of October. Here’s more information about the best destinations to visit in Greece during the fall season:


Crete is a great destination in the fall because of how far south it is. It actually offers a wonderful year-round vacation, and boasts some of the warmest weather in Greece. In October, Crete remains hot with temperatures well in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit. It’s also a large island, which means there is no shortage of things to do while here. Besides all the sites you could see, the beaches on Crete are absolutely stunning. There are also plenty of opportunities here for hiking, sailing, and other outdoor sports.


Mykonos is also a great place to visit in Greece, and it is best known for its reputation as a summertime party hotspot for the rich and famous. Although the crowds die down in the fall, this time of year is still bustling. While the party scene isn’t as vibrant as it is during summer, it’s still present. Nevertheless, with or without the parties, you can have a wonderful time on its beaches, and the beaches on Mykonos are considered to be some of Greece’s best.


Santorini is also a great island to visit during the fall season. Although cruise ships continue to visit the island regularly, this destination is far less busy than in the summer. Also, most restaurants, cafés, and bars open on the less crowded island. The island is a bit cooler than some of the other, southern islands, but the temperatures are still warm and pleasant. There is also plenty to do, so very little chance that you’ll ever get bored!


If you want to go on a beach vacation in Greece but don’t have enough time to see Crete, Rhodes is the best place to visit in autumn. With pleasant weather, an outstanding medieval town, the gorgeous Lindos castle, and a slew of beautiful beaches, this island offers lots for October tourists. However, be sure to book your lodging in Rhodes town because there’s so much to see there. One could easily lose track of time roaming about the city and exploring the many excellent museums and historical sites, so visitors will have to plan ahead and be mindful if they want to make sure to see everything in one trip.

When planning a trip to Greece, you don’t want to rule out the fall as being a great time of year. The weather is nice, but the crowds have considerably decreased. You won’t pay as much to visit during this time of year, either, as airplane, hotel, and other rates are much less than they are during the summer months.