What is Kefi?

Kefi is a Greek word that isn’t easily translated into the English language. It can loosely translate to mean joy, but that does not begin to scratch the surface of its true meaning. A closer meaning would be the French term known as Joie de Vivre, or Joy of Life. However, that doesn’t quite do it justice, either. Here’s an explanation concerning what the Greek word, kefi, really means:

Let Go of Worries

Worry is considered to the opposite of kefi. Therefore, in order to experience real kefi, you need to do so by leaving your worries behind you. Live in the moment and reject the negative emotions in your mind. Worry is a negative emotion because life needs to be organic. Most of our worries don’t even come to fruition, and they rob us of our joy. True kefi is letting go.

Live in the Moment

Therefore, an individual experiencing true kefi is not thinking about the future or the past. It’s about finding joy no matter where you are in life. You can feel kefi even if you are doing something you might not enjoy, or when you are worrying about something. Lack of kefi prevents you from seeing joy that is right in front of you. Life is about embracing the moment and feeling joy no matter what. This is kefi.

Take Time to Live

In order to feel kefi in its purest form, you need to take the time to really embrace life. You can no longer care about who is watching. People won’t judge you for letting down your guard and being your truest self. All that should be thinking about is the complete joy you feel in the moment. Your entire body should be dancing with joy that comes from deep inside their very soul.

You Can Experience Kefi

The truth is that you can have kefi every day by applying a few simple principles to your life. First, you must be willing to let go of any grudges or other feelings that stop you from being happy. The chances are that the person you are mad at does not even remember the incident, and it did not bother them to begin with, so stop letting it destroy your life.

Live in the Present

Living in the moment is difficult, but it is necessary to experience kefi. See each second as a gift that will never return. Stop yourself from worrying about tomorrow or even the next minute. Enjoy what is going on around you right now. No one promises you the future, so be sure to enjoy the present.

Give Yourself Time to Breathe

The Greeks often take naps after lunch. While this may be a rare treat in your culture, you still need to take time to breathe. Try using the last few minutes of your lunchbreak every day to do absolutely nothing. Your body and your soul need the break.

Be Sure to Dance

Dance is one of the purest expressions of kefi. Let go of anything but your desire to let go and enjoy the moment and the music. Turn on your favorite tunes and start moving your body. It does not matter if it is a dance song. The Greeks do not worry if they are using the right steps if they are moving, and you should be the same way.

You have the right to experience kefi throughout your life. Start making it happen today!