Best Greek Wines for Summer

The summertime in Greece is magical. The weather is idyllic – it may be hot but it stays pleasant because of the low humidity and gentle breezes.  While you may not be able to completely duplicate the feeling of spending a summer in Greece without traveling there yourself, you can recreate some of the magic at home no matter where in the world you reside.

Greek wine is thankfully growing popular in international markets, therefore is more readily available than ever to bring home and pair with some of your favorite summer foods.  Bring a glass of wine and a nice meal outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and just like that, you’ve transported yourself back to Greece for the summer, it just took some creativity and a nice bottle of red or white!

Information About Greek Wine for the Summer

Wine experts maintain that the popularity of Greek wines only continues to grow. Said professionals credit this surge in consumption to the typically bright color and effervescent quality. Additionally, these adult beverages are pleasant tasting, easy to drink, and, above all, reasonably priced in comparison to offerings from other nations.

Not only that, but there are some wines that are especially well suited for different times of year. Here is an overview of some of the best Greek wines you can drink during this time of year:


Those regularly imbibing on this fairly acidic white maintain that the product offers citrus-like flavors resembling a mixture of grapefruit and lime.


The grape used to create this beverage originates from the famous island of Santorini. However, the spirit’s ever-growing popularity has inspired grape growers to cultivate the fruit throughout the nation.

Drinking Occasions

Frequent drinkers opine Assyrtiko is perfect for occasions like romantic rooftop gatherings and picnics.

Food Pairings

Industry professionals suggest pairing Assyrtiko with Greek staples, such as feta cheese, tabouli salad, and lemon-garlic shrimp.


This white wine possessing medium acidity combines the tastes of honey, mango, and peach to form a powerful but pleasing spirit.


Grapes employed to make this wine are native to the the Epanomi, a region in the Greek provincial state of Macedonia. The wine is also given the noted label of PGI, which is a special wine classification given to Greek spirits that have characteristics of the geographical regions in which they are produced. This wine has experienced an amazing resurgence since the early 1980’s when some feared it might actually become extinct.

Drinking Occasions

Those in the know maintain this wine can be enjoyed on various occasions. Those who drink it can enjoy the crisp beverage in something as small as a casual home patio gathering, or as large as a more formal, outdoor soiree.

Food Pairings

The foods often consumed in conjunction with Malagousia are as diversified as the occasions on which said beverages are imbibed. The wine is a perfect complement to simple foods like chicken salad and cold soup, in addition to pricier, fancier seafood offerings such as mahi mahi and salmon.


This highly acidic spirit with a noticeable but pleasing aroma conjoins the tastes of several fruits, such as melons like cantaloupe and honeydew, citrus produce like lemon and lime, in addition to red apple skin extracts and a touch of honey.


Moschofilero is created from the commonly grown pinkish-gray grapes also employed to make known staples like Pinot Grigio. However, the difference between this and similar offerings is the aroma and taste. Though Moschofilero offers a sweet aroma, it tastes surprisingly dry and is easy to drink.

Drinking Occasions

People often intake this favored Greek spirit during formal occasions, such as high teas, visits with sage family members, and while relaxing spas and other tranquil but respectable settings.

Food Pairings

This wine is often enjoyed with Asian favorites like sushi and Vietnamese salad rolls. It also tastes great with Greek vegetable dishes, such as horiatiki (Greek village salad) and fasolakia (green beans in tomato sauce).

It is important to remember that fans of any of these adult beverages can enjoy them wherever and with whatever food they like. The only important consideration is learning to appreciate fine wine and that Greece has produced a unique and tasty set of such offerings.