Spend Time on Hydra Island

Hydra island is one of those enchanting places in Greece that seems untouched by time. The tiny island has maintained many of its older traditions and modernization has been kept at bay, largely because vehicles aren’t allowed on the island except under special circumstances. It is also a popular place for visitors, who tend to gravitate here as a way to escape their stressful lives. There’s also plenty to do here despite its smaller size! Here’s more information:

Lounge on Vlichos Beach

A great way to relax and unwind is to lounge on Vlichos Beach where you’ll find clear water and white sand. It is also one of the main beaches on the island and where people tend to flock in order to soak up the sun. The beach features many taverns that can be explored and is generally not very crowded, making it a remote location that is both quiet and serene but still offers plenty to do. Consider lying on a beach chair by the water with a drink in your hand while taking in the beautiful scenery to unwind and have an escape.

Visit the Historical Archives Museum

The Historical Archives Museum is devoted to the Hydra’s cultural heritage and has 19th-century artwork that is on display. Visitors can enjoy learning about social history and viewing multiple costumes that are on display through various exhibits. While touring the establishment, guests will find detailed model ships, artifacts, and items like embalmed hearts in jars. History buffs who enjoy learning about Greek history and the War of Independence will appreciate what the museum has to offer.

View the Bastions

You can get a firsthand look at the bastions that were used during the war in the 18th century while visiting Hydra Island. These were used to protect the island from intruders and shot off into the harbor at oncoming ships from Turkey. They’re preserved well and offer a unique look into the history of Hydra Island.

Go to the Merchant Marine Academy

The Merchant Marine Academy in Greece was founded in 1749 and is definitely worth a stop. Training seminars are now hosted for outside organizations throughout the year. Over 2,800 captains have graduated from the academy and travel on container ships before completing four years of the apprentice. Guests can explore the grounds of the academy and learn more about the history of the location.

Visit the Ecclesiastical Museum

The Ecclesiastical Museum is a top location to visit on Hydra Island due to its rich history. The museum was built in 1648 and is located above the port. The cathedral features exquisite architecture and was reconstructed in 1774. It even operated as a monastery at one time. It’s a popular place to admire different religious exhibits that depict the history of Christianity on Hydra Island. Guests can also learn about the habits of locals and view many religious gems that are on display.

There are many ways to spend your time when visiting Hydra throughout the year, but summertime is the most popular. By planning your itinerary and immersing yourself in the culture, you can enjoy a memorable trip that will make you want to return.