Where to Shop on Mykonos Island

Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the Greek island Mykonos welcomes plenty of tourists from around the world each year! While hitting the beaches is Mykonos’ major draw, this island is an ideal spot for those who love to shop while on vacation.

Whether you’re looking for a priceless work of art, a new wardrobe, or an artisan-crafted souvenir, you should have no issue finding what you’re looking for on this popular island. Below, we’ll let you in on five of the best places to go sopping while on Mykonos.


Located in the center of Mykonos Town, the iMuseum is a fascinating concept store that attempts to bridge the gap between Mykonos’ ancient past and modern shopping trends. Designed by the Italian studio CTRLZAK, the iMuseum makes guests feel as if they’re walking through a high-end excavation site with exceptional replicas from Greece’s most famous museums. Designers used wooden planks and white marble extensively in iMuseum’s design to better bridge the gap between the aesthetic grandeur of the ancient world and the innovations of the 21st century. Guests are encouraged to touch many of the artifacts in iMuseum’s collection and can learn more about these priceless pieces on interactive tablets. What could be more thrilling than bringing home a piece of Greek antiquity from your Mykonos adventure?


For four generations the jewelry store ilias LALAoUNIS has dazzled the world with its hand-crafted gold and silver products. Using traditional design patterns like granulation and repousse, the experts working at ilias LALAoUNIS have managed to create exceptional jewelry for the modern age with traces of the grandeur of Ancient Greece. In addition to Hellenistic art, the jewelers at ilias LALAoUNIS also draw inspiration from the Minoans & Mycenaeans as well as the prehistoric artists of the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. Some of ilias LALAoUNIS’s top-selling items include broaches, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Visitors can find this high-end jewelry store at 14, N. Polykandrioti Street, just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Port of Mykonos City.

Mykonos Sandals

Founded in 1948, Mykonos Sandals has become Greece’s go-to place for exceptional hand-crafted footwear. No matter what size or style you’re looking for, you should have no difficulty finding something that suits your fashion sense in Mykonos Sandals’ line. Even if you don’t see anything that strikes your fancy in Mykonos Sandals’ catalogue you can ask Mykonos Sandals to customize your own perfect pair of sandals. Mykonos Sandals is located in Mykonos’ Little Venice area at Venetias 2.

Cava Stamboulis

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, plan a stop at the Cava Stamboulis in Agios Taxiarhis. Dating back to 1980, this well-known liquor store sells a long list of local and international beers, wines, spirits, and specialty drinks. Cava Stamboulis also has plenty of tasty snacks, coffees, and deli meats for sale. Although Cava Stamboulis specializes in selling items for corporate events and parties, tourists are more than welcome to shop around this delicious store.

Rarity Gallery

Art lovers planning on splurging in Mykonos must schedule a visit of Rarity Gallery at Kalogera 20 – 22, Mykonos Town. Rarity staff carefully chooses some of the most dynamic works by international contemporary artists and carefully arranges them in their spacious studio. Although Rarity likes to showcase works from up-and-coming artists in its solo exhibitions, they also include plenty of works from established artists to give visitors a broad look at the contemporary art scene. Some of the more established names that have sold their works in Rarity include Julian Opie, Robin Antar, Ilse Haider, and Zhuang Hong Yi.

As you can see from the list above, Mykonos has some of the world’s most unique stores in fashion, art, and fine wines. Even if you’re just window-shopping, it’s a unique experience to wander around these highly reviewed stores!