Hikes to Enjoy on Crete

Crete is the southernmost island of Greece so it stays warm during much of the year. It is also fairly mountainous, which means that there is no shortage of hiking experiences to have. The island is also stunning, so no matter which hike you do, you will be treated to some amazing scenery. Here’s a look at some of the top hikes you can enjoy while on the island:

Samaria Gorge

One of the favorite hiking trails in Crete is the Samaria Gorge. Samaria Gorge is a 11-mile hiking trail that passes through the rocky Gorge of Samaria to a more reclusive area on the south coast. You can expect the trail to be packed, especially during the summer season, so getting there early in the morning can be a plus.

Samaria Gorge is perfect for hiking while experiencing its mountainous nature and bird watching. However, it can also feel strenuous. You need the right footwear, and it is also mostly downhill before you get to the gorge itself, which means it can be tough on the knees. Be sure to take enough water, too, as the dry heat can leave you dehydrated before you even realize it.

The trail starts at Xyoskalo, which tends to be busy during peak hours, and for a few kilometers, your trail will be downhill. The rocky nature of the landscapes makes it a slightly challenging hike, but it’s still exciting for its breathtaking views. After the downhill trail, you reach a dry river bed, leaving out lots of rocks.

The presence of a stream on the hiking trail presents a great place to rest and have a picnic. You can also expect to see the Byzantine ruins, a farmhouse, or share your walk with some donkeys or wild mountain goats. The trail goes all the way to a black sand beach of the Libyan Sea.

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach is another gem of a loop trail in Crete for all hiking or travel enthusiasts. Based near Myrthios in Crete, the Preveli Beach is alluring and relaxing when you get to its waterfall. The hiking trail is 4.7 miles long and features stunning views and scenery along its way.

The Preveli Beach area is alluring with popular surroundings, namely the Preveli Monastery and the Palm Beach. Through the hike, you get to experience Palm Beach, rivers, gorges, the magical south coast of Crete, and the Libyan Sea. Depending on your guides, you can even enjoy taking a dip in the Libyan Sea or River Preveli.

Elafonisi Viewpoint

The Eafonisi Viewpoint is a family-friendly hiking trail in Elafonisi Beach. The views of the Sea and the beach itself make it one of the best beach destinations in Europe. The walking trail along the beach also features lagoons and sunbeds for you to enjoy.

As you can see, there is no shortage of hikes that you can do while on Crete. Besides the one listed above, you also might want to consider hiking the Gorge of Mili, the Gorge of Agioi Pantes, and the Roza Gorge.