Introduction to Greek Cheeses

If you are a cheese connoisseur or just looking to try some foods with unique flavor profiles, you’ll want to check out Greek cheeses. They can work perfect in recipes or as appetizers at party functions. There are many varieties of Greek cheese., but these are some of the main ones you should consider.


Feta cheese does not traditionally contain cow’s milk. Rather, feta is typically made using sheep’s milk. Feta is very soft and easily crumbled. The flavor of feta intensifies as it ages. It has vitamins, bacteria and fatty acids that are useful to the body. Feta contains a lot of flavor. Some say it is a very strong cheese with a tanginess. It is commonly used as a topping for salads. Some use it in sandwiches, in turnovers and as a pizza topping. Red wine is a great beverage to pair with feta cheese.


Halloumi cheese is typically an aged cheese that is made from sheep’s milk. It contains a lot of protein per serving, which does make it a healthy cheese. Halloumi can be fried alone or in sandwiches. When it is fried, it is a very creamy cheese. It does have a bit of a strong and slightly salty flavor. In addition to being used in fried cuisine, it can be used in salads and sandwich wraps. Halloumi cheese is best paired with a white wine.


Kasseri cheese contains both sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, with the primary milk coming from that of sheep. It can be very stringy in texture. It has the flavor of a savory butter. It is not a hard cheese nor a soft cheese. The more kasseri cheese is aged, the saltier it does become. It is excellent when used for grilled cheese sandwiches. It can also be a great cheese to pair with wine at a party. Zinfandel pairs well with kasseri cheese.


Mizithra cheese is typically made from sheep’s milk. This cheese is known for its hard texture. When fresh, this cheese can be lovely when used in desserts. When it is aged, it is typically used as a grated cheese in pasta dishes. It doesn’t have a strong flavor and can be sweet in taste. White wine or various dry wines tend to pair well with mizithra cheese.


Kefalotiri cheese may be made from the milk of a sheep, a goat or both. It is a very rigid cheese. It has a very intense flavor and tends to run salty. It is great when used in savory dishes, such as pastas or casseroles. It can also go very well with fruits, vegetables and other various appetizer trays. Red wine pairs well with Kefalotiri cheese.

All of these cheeses have different flavor properties and wine pairing capabilities. They also have different price points. You’ll want to choose the cheese that best suits your flavor needs. Be sure to try as many of these as you can.