Beaches to Visit in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, second to only Athens. As a result of that, there is no shortage of things to do. Although there are not really any beaches in the city of Thessaloniki itself, there are some great ones nearby. That means this city is the perfect hub for oceanside day trips. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite beaches near Thessaloniki.

Agia Triada Beach

Agio Triada Beach is an easy one to visit from Thessaloniki. Buses leave from the city roughly every thirty minutes and the beach is only twenty-two kilometers away. Beach umbrellas, loungers, as well as numerous bars and restaurants line the shoreline of the Thermaic Gulf. In addition to the usual beachside amenities, Agia Triada boasts several historical attractions including the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, a Mycenaen Shrine, and a well. Visitors can head to nearby Epanomi and Nea Michaniona villages for supplies. A short drive south of Agia Triada will take you to the fabled beaches of Halkidiki.

Perea Beach

Perea village is located about 17 kilometers from the Thessaloniki city center. One-way boat rides are inexpensive. Travelers will find a delightful array of tourist amenities both in the town and at the beach. Perea is a laid-back town with a diverse population of local Greek families, Serbian immigrants and long-term international travelers. Local buses and ferries stop at several locations along the 7.5 km beach. You can hop on and off to check out different areas. Visitors can reach the town of Nea Epivates by walking along Perea’s promenade.

Epanomi Beach

This family-friendly beach, located 25km south of Thessaloniki, offers travelers a wide selection of hotels, bars and cafes. Greek families flock to Epanomi Beach Park, which has a playground and grassy lawn for beachside recreation. Local attractions include the Petralona Cave, the Epanomi Shipwreck, Saint Nicholas Chapel and a stunning lighthouse. After a long day at the beach, wine-lovers can relax at Kitima Gerovassiliou winery and museum. Epanomi beach serves as a transportation hub between Thessaloniki and the beaches at Halkidiki.

Asprovalta Beach

Asprovalta garnered the prestigious Blue Flag Award for being one of the best beaches in Europe. The beach is located on the Strymonikos Gulf, about 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Nicknamed “Long Beach,” Asprovalta comprises 11 kilometers of soft-sand surrounded by densely-forested hills. Visitors will find an abundance of hotels, resorts and camping areas. Local clubs provide live music, and the seaside amphitheater at Regal Beach frequently hosts concerts. History buffs can explore the nearby Roman ruins of Pennana and the archeological site at Kavala, where boats depart for Thassos.

After you’ve had your fill of the beaches and seen the historical sights, you may want to spend a few more days in Thessaloniki. The Kapani and Modiano markets offer excellent souvenir shopping, and the nightlife in the Valaoritou and Ladadika districts is legendary.