Tips for Staying in Touch with Greek Family Overseas

Do you have family living overseas in Greece? It used to be difficult to keep in touch, but with all of the tools available to us now, keeping in touch is easier than ever! Although nothing compares to the experience of being physically close to each other, there are so many options available, you will always feel like they are an important part of your life. Here’s a look at some of the best ways we know of to keep in touch with Greek family overseas:

Have A Good Phone Plan

With a bit of strategizing, you can use your cell phone to stay in touch, just like you do in your home country. There are a few different ways to do this. By signing up for an international plan in the first place, you can give yourself the leeway to travel to most countries without any changes to your service. Alternatively, you could purchase an unlocked phone and then buy a local sim card when you get to your destination. A final option is to simply use WIFI to connect to the Internet, and you can actually use one of the chatting platforms listed below to make calls.

Use Online Chatting Platforms

There are plenty of platforms available that you can use for chatting, even when normal texting isn’t an option. Whatsapp is a great download, allowing people to message and call like normal. Facebook messenger is also helpful, since nearly everybody has a Facebook account these days. Skype and Facetime are wonderful for video calls; a little face-to-face contact can really help you reconnect with your friends and family.

Keep in Touch Using Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are especially useful when you’re traveling abroad. Simply uploading pictures to your account shows friends and family what you’re up to and how you’re enjoying your trip. People can communicate with you by commenting on your posts, giving you a chance to answer questions in a public setting. This is a great way to communicate quickly with larger groups of people, thereby keeping even your extended circle in the loop.

Start A Blog to Keep in Touch

While exploring the great big world, you’re likely to have all sorts of thoughts and reflections that require more than a hastily-typed message to properly convey. A travel blog, or simply a blog about your life in general, is a great way to report on your experiences in greater breadth and depth. Family and friends can follow along, enjoying the inside scoop on all your incredible adventures. By forcing you to think deeply about your experience, writing blog posts can also help make the whole trip more meaningful.

Gone are the days of writing letters and lamenting the cost of international calls. With modern technology, you can easily maintain regular contact with your friends and family using any of the tips listed above.