Get to Know Hera from Greek Mythology

Hera is known for being the Queen of the Olympian Gods. She holds the title and ruled alongside her brother Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods. The goddess of marriage, Hera is also well known for her confidence, loyalty, and her representation of the “ideal woman” as far as her devotion to her husband and family went.

Many have also heard of Hera’s legendary jealousy and wrath and can use those descriptors to paint her in a negative light. She ruled on Mount Olympus and was worshipped as a protector of married women. Here is more information about her and what she was known for:

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Greek Food You Must Eat During Your Visit

Greece is known for its amazing landscape, gorgeous beaches, thriving nightlife, and rich historical past. Besides that, it is also a country known for its delicious food! Tourists often have difficulty figuring out what they should eat while they are traveling to this country. Here are some foods that you should try during your trip to Greece:

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Best Activities for Families to Do While in Greece

Greece is a country that has enchanted people for centuries. Many are intrigued by the history, culture, and mythology of the country. Many of its destinations, such as the pristine beaches found throughout the country, draw in thousands of visitors a year. Everyone is looking to capture some of the magic that Greece has to offer.

There’s also no secret that there is a lot to do here once you do arrive. It can be so hard to narrow things down! Here’s a look at some of the top things you and your family can do while visiting this country:

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Cleisthenes – Democratic Leader of Ancient Greece

Cleisthenes, a noble born Athenian politician, is largely credited with helping the Athenians embrace a new system of government known as democracy. Prior to this political system, the city-state was governed by a system where the noble-born minority ruled the majority. The people of Athens protested and dethroned the old ways.

Now referred to as the Father of Athenian Democracy, Cleisthenes, a nobleman himself, watched the revolution with interest. He would eventually help the Athenian citizens embrace a new form of government. Here’s more information about this Ancient Greek politician:

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Who Was Homer in Ancient Greece?

Homer was a Greek epic poet who is widely believed to have been the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two extremely important works from ancient Greece. The Iliad tells the tale of the Trojan War and the Odyssey tells the tale of the hero Odysseus’ ten-year journey home. While the works are very well known, not much as actually known about Homer, the individual who is said to have written those two works. Here’s a look at what we do know to be true about Homer:

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Top Places to Visit on the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese region of Greece is rich in history, beauty, and natural wonder. This peninsula in Southern Greece is connected to the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth land bridge. This iconic bridge separates the Gulf of Corinth from the Saronic Gulf.

Boasting miles of stunning coastline and a mountainous interior, there is no shortage of natural beauty in the Peloponnese. Here are three areas of Peloponnese to consider seeing when you visit this region:

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World War II Sites to Visit in Greece

Greece is a country filled with gorgeous scenery and beautiful beaches. Those who visit here are also greeted with rich cultural experiences, such as the chance to eat some of its delicious foods. The country is also rich in history, and there are plenty of places all over the country that are worth visiting. For those who love World War II history, these sites may be worth exploring:

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Get to Know the Different Types of Greek Olives

Greece is known for its delicious olives and there are so many more varieties than people may realize! Some olives can be easily found all over the word, such as the Kalamata olive. Others, like the plum olive, are more uncommon and may not be as readily available outside of Greece. No matter which olive you try, you won’t be disappointed! Here are some of the most common types of Greek olives:

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Must-See Greek Islands to Visit

Greece has hundreds of islands scattered around the Aegean and Ionian seas. The larger, inhabited ones feature picturesque landscapes, ancient architecture, beautiful beaches and sandy coves, ideal destinations for the heliotrope, vacationer or historian.

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What Was the Trojan War in Greek Mythology?

The Trojan War is one of the most recognizable conflicts in Greek mythology. The two works by Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey, which take place after the Trojan war, have delighted people for thousands of years. Through these stories of war, romance, and deception, we learn about the gods and goddesses, popular heroes like Jason and Odysseus, and a multitude of creatures. There have even been archaeological findings that suggest that the Trojan War may have actually happened. Here’s more information about this war and the place it has in Greek mythology:

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