History of the Greek Language

The Greek language has an interesting history and has been around for around thirty-four total centuries. Although it has changed and evolved over the years, it is still being spoken today. The language is an independent branch of the Indo-European languages and is also the oldest that has been documented. Here’s what you should know about the history of the Greek language:

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Overview of Greek Wine

Modern Greek wines are now emerging in the rest of the world. Greece not only offers wonderful value for its wine, but the many varieties will help expand your palate and wine interests. Here’s what you should know about Greek wine.

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All About the Heritage America Program in Boston

The mission of the National Hellenic Society is to create a lasting network of Greek Americans to preserve their heritage through the sponsorship and initiation of programs that support the Hellenic culture. The Heritage America Program originated in Washington, DC and will run for the first time in Boston this year. The Heritage America Program strives to reconnect Greek American high school students with their heritage, culture, and Hellenic identity through the prism of the American experience. Boston is called “Athens of America,” so it is a large focus during the program. Here’s what you should know about the Heritage America Program.

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12 Greek Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus

Today, the dominant religion in Greece is Orthodox Christianity. However, there was a time when the people had different beliefs. Many of the stories about the gods and goddesses have survived and we learn about them as part of our heritage. Here’s a look at the twelve main gods and goddesses who were said to have lived at the top of Mount Olympus:

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Socrates – Father of Western Philosophy

In modern times, Socrates is seen as one of the leading figures in ancient philosophy.

Little is known about this famous Greek philosopher, however, what we do know is mostly thanks to the records of one of his students, Plato. Almost all contemporary descriptions of Socrates agree that he was an Athenian man renowned for his brilliant intellect, radical views, and infamous death.

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All About Greek Honey

Honey is popular throughout the world and Greece is no exception. Greek honey is renowned for its unique taste and history, and it is a particularly celebrated delicacy among honey enthusiasts. After all, being known as the “Nectar of the Gods” for over 3,000 years shouldn’t be taken lightly! It also has a special place in Greek cuisine and is often the main sweetener. It can be found in dishes such as Baklava and Kataifi, and is also used to sweeten tea.

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Explore the Acropolis in Athens

The Parthenon is regarded as one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments. Located at the Acropolis in Athens, it’s a must-see when you’re in the area, but far from the only thing there is to see! Here’s a look at what to see and do while visiting this area of the city.

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Getting to Know the Traditional Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

If you are planning to visit Greece, there are several things to enjoy in the country. Greece is well known for its traditional recipes, especially salads. One of the most popular traditional salads you won’t want to miss is the Horiatiki, or Greek village salad.

Horiatiki is a simple and traditional Greek salad made from fresh vegetables and other ingredients, such as olive oil, olives, and feta cheese. There is no lettuce or salad dressing that is used while making it. The presentation is also very simple and the salad can be made very simply. Here’s more information about it:

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Must-See Beaches on the Island of Crete

Crete is a popular island that sees a lot of visitors each year. Those who come are attracted to anything from the varied landscapes to the gorgeous resorts. There are also popular landmarks to visit, such as the Knossos Palace, which is considered to be one of the top archaeological and historical sites in all of Greece.

The beaches are also a main draw and since there is so much coastline here, it can be difficult to pick just one. We’ve narrowed things down for you! Here’s a look at some of the top beaches the Greek island of Crete has to offer:

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